About MedMar Marine Services

MedMar, is an accredited Group of Companies with presence both in Greece and Hong Kong supplying Marine Spare Parts and Technical Support.Our established network of Distributors gives us the ability to provide Parts with exceptional quality and our dedicated Service team can provide Solutions anywhere around the globe if requested.


Our Policy is to achieve through the implementation of Best Practices and Quality procedures the highest standards of Customer satisfaction. The combination of our longlasting knowledge of the shipping industry along with the strict standards applied in regards to Quality is the winning policy and the benefit output for our Clients.


We at MedMar value the principals that our Clients value the most and our efforts are constantly adjusted towards this constant. All Clients needs, whether these address Spare Parts or Services are treated in accordance with the same set of rules and are assessed as unique, so each of our Clients can experience the same high level of Service and Support.