Medmar is in a constant research and evaluation of partnerships with main intention the expansion of its Scope of Supply. In such a continuous effort, we are proud to announce that we are able to provide to our esteemed Customers Engineering Works & Ship Repair Services. Through our cooperation with some of the leading Companies in the Repair Sector we combine their experience and expertise in order to create a project portfolio of great accomplishments.

Our  qualified and certified technical staff can professionally carry out any type of mechanical repair under the usage of advanced mechanical equipment. All repaired parts are inspected and supplied according to each manufacturer’s specifications.

Our Company provides dry docking services in a repair zone:

  • Anodes replacement
  • Steel renewals
  • Blade grinding
  • Inspection of sea chest, sea valves etc
  • Measuring tailshaft, steering gear and cathodic protection

Our well trained and certified technical staff can provide to the ship any type of mechanical work with professionalism, advanced mechanical equipment and high quality service.

  • Inspection-Overhauling-Maintenance of main propulsion, diesel generator engines and auxiliery engines of every type
  • Manufacture and recondition of machinery components
  • Overhauling at special hydraulic  pumps, framo pumps and STX for Product Chemical Tankers

MEDMAR MARINE SERVICES LTD is capable of carrying out every type of piping work on board or/and in a ship repair zone. Its services include:

  • Inspection and maintenance of piping system
  • Replacement of piping
  • Prefabrication of piping in our state of the art machine shop
  • Fabrication of piping components

All the steel works concerning the ship can be provided by us on board or in a ship repair zone. Our services include:

  • Steel renewals
  • Welding of steel plated or replacement
  • Certificates and reports are provided for steel plates of every kind
  • Overhauling
  • Retrofit
  • Retrofit with TM87-X and TM180
  • Turbocharger Spare Parts Repair
  • Welding – Reblading
  • Dynamic Balancing